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Putting green practices into practice…Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers P.C. accepted into Sustainable Business Leader Program; becomes a “leader” in sustainable business practices initiative.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

BOSTON, MASS. - Despite the explosion in the use of digital information, the legal industry continues to consume too much paper. As a profession, far too many lawyers believe that more words are better and that everything must be printed multiple times just in case. In an effort to change this behavior and reduce its carbon footprint, Boston-based Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, P.C. (TBHR) recently implemented a sustainability program developed with Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and Mass Department of Environmental (DEP)’s Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP).

TBHR’s program was developed as a result of SBLP’s comprehensive audit, which focused on six key areas: waste reduction, water and energy conservation, transportation solutions, pollution prevention, and staff education. The Firm created a “Green Team” of attorneys and staff to develop achievable changes to challenge all personnel to take a moment to think before they consume.

Says Michael Radin, an attorney with the Firm and Green Team member, “Our firm culture is rooted in an appreciation of the interdependencies of what each of us does. If we want to have a good tomorrow, each of us needs to act for it today.”

“When the program opened to us, we jumped on the opportunity,” says Jennifer A. Civitella Hilario, an associate who like many of her co-workers tries in her personal life to reuse, recycle and reduce waste. “Applying my own personal conservation practices at the office helps me to get an entire organization to consume less – I am thrilled.”

Some of the steps TBHR has taken include electrical energy management and water and kitchen paper use reduction. “I much prefer using a mug given to us by one of our clients,” adds Radin

“What’s been an enlightening part about this process is the need to educate others on the lots of little things we can do that together have a huge impact,” said Civitella Hilario. “Thanks to SBLP and our Green Team, we’re a greener company and have a group in place actively looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our energy use.” 

As part of the SLBP audit, TBHR engaged with its landlord Boston Properties which itself has a team of professionals working to get tenants focused on ways to be more efficient and less wasteful. “Working with Boston Properties was fabulous – they really reached out to us and together we are planning to approach our entire building to get other tenants involved,” adds Civitella Hilario.

The SBLP was formed in 2008 via collaboration between the DEP and the BRA. SLBP has worked with more than 60 businesses to become sustainable leaders in the community. Each business completes SBLP’s rigorous assessment and receives personalized technical assistance over a six-month period before becoming eligible for the Sustainable Business Leader status.

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