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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our objective is to provide legal representation in advancing or defending any claim arising from litigation.

We have earned our strong reputation among judicial and governmental authorities as a result of our thorough preparation, effective presentation and principled advocacy of clients' interests. Ongoing training programs help keep our knowledge and skills current and highly developed.

Our goal is to achieve clients' objectives by a variety of means that often go significantly beyond conventional trial and appeal processes. Cases that start out in court can frequently be concluded through the use of negotiation skills that enable clients to avoid the expense, delay and uncertainty of litigation. Other matters can be kept out of court completely with the help of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as arbitration or mediation.

Our flexibility allows us to handle straightforward disputes without over-lawyering and undue formality. In matters involving complex issues we assemble a full team equal to the task to persevere until completion.

Representative Matters

  • Disputes among business owners
  • Disputes between businesses
  • Trust and Estate disputes
  • Environmental claims
  • Officer and director liability
  • Commercial contract and real estate
  • Land use and zoning proceedings
  • International trade matters
  • Loan collections and lender liability claims
  • Employment cases
  • Product liability and personal injury claims
  • Domestic relations litigation disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Trade secret and intellectual property disputes

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