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.com, .net, .mobi. What's in a name? Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C. reminds businesses to protect their IP by acquiring a .mobi domain name

Sunday, January 06, 2008

It’s one of those “omigosh” moments – how many businesses originally overlooked the need to acquire a dot com site years ago? Then the internet really took off, and they had to settle for some permutation of their company name to get a .com address.

Well that phenomenon may yet ring true for businesses that aren’t aware of the public availability of .mobi domain names. Over a year ago, the Boston law firm of Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C. took the lead by advising their clients with registered trademarks about securing a .mobi domain name.

It’s estimated that 1.3 billion people will connect to the internet via mobile phone during 2008 and .mobi is the first top level domain name (tld) formulated exclusively for delivering the internet to portable devices. With the .mobi tld, websites may be optimized for mobile users, allowing a variety of devices to become more effective internet tools, providing companies with direct access to mobile users as means of generating new business.

Avoiding the equivalent of an internet “gold rush” is still possible for many businesses that simply may not have been aware of the advantages of procuring a .mobi address. Michael Radin of Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C. encourages businesses to explore the acquisition of a .mobi domain name, as well as other urls employing the company’s name as a prefix, to protect the integrity of their intellectual property (IP).

Notes Radin, “Even if a company’s name is not trademarked, it still makes sense to try to control available urls bearing the company’s name. It’s often time consuming for potential clients and customers to find a company online when their domain name bears no relationship to the branded name of the company. Acting now, while .mobi domain names are still readily available, is a good way of maintaining future access, even if a business doesn’t immediately utilize their .mobi domain name.”

It is inevitable that access to mobile devices will become more valuable so it may be well worth considering acquiring a .mobi tld now, avoiding the possibility of frustration later when a business may find that its ideal .mobi domain name has already been taken. Even if a company’s present business plan does not currently involve accessing mobile users, it’s important to think about long-term growth and opportunities that may arise in the future.

Radin adds, “Even though the United States currently lags behind Europe and Asia in the functionality of its cell phones, owning a .mobi tld is a key part of being positioned to exploit the emerging broader usage of cell phones as internet tools in the US.”


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