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Celebration of National Judicial Outreach Week

March 20, 2018
Patricia Saint James of Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers and the current President of the Massachusetts Family and Probate American Inn of Court, recently joined Chief Justice Angela Ordonez of the Massachusetts Probate Court, and Chief Justice Roberto Ronquillo of the Boston Municipal Court, in presenting a seminar to Berklee students and faculty entitled “Access to Justice” at Boston’s world-renowned Berklee College of Music. The “Access to Justice” presentation was part of the celebration of National Judicial Outreach Week and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Judicial Outreach Program, and was coordinated at Berklee by Professor Patricia Peknik.

The presentation included an overview of the Courts in the Commonwealth, a description of Access to Justice initiatives, insights into the need for legal advice prior to entering into entertainment contracts, and a discussion of services available to artists, writers, musicians and cultural organizations, including the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Program that is a critical service provided within the Massachusetts Arts & Business Council.